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Here’s what people are saying about The Invent to Learn Guide to the micro:bit…

The Invent to Learn Guide to the micro:bit is the book novice and enthusiast micro:bit users have been waiting for. Colorful illustrations and resources throughout the book help guide readers in turning an idea into innovation. The authors did a brilliant job of combining basic materials with easy-to-follow physical computing examples that can be used throughout the year.
Tonya Coats, Elementary Educator
This book is an essential part of every micro:bit educator’s toolbox. There is quite literally something for everyone, no matter what they teach or how familiar they are with micro:bits. Filled with innovative and engaging ideas, the activities and projects in The Invent to Learn Guide to the micro:bit will grow with you and your students as you learn more about the potential of the micro:bit. Clear images and helpful tips ensure that beginning coders are supported, and challenges extend the lesson as coders become more experienced. Sample unit plans and the Design Canvas build computational thinking skills effortlessly with clear structures on how to plan projects for all learners.
Sarah Rankin, Technology Coach, Anglophone School District – South, Canada
This book takes learners from the basics through complex programming challenges quickly with engaging projects and games. The authors do a terrific job of showing how micro:bits can be used by themselves, with external electronics like servos and LEDs, as well as to control online animations with Scratch. Each project has been constructed with helpful pictures, excellent tips, and fun graphics to move learners through the steps, and most importantly, each project includes an “Understanding the Code” section which teaches learners why the example code works. I love that each project is followed up with open-ended challenges for learners to deepen their experiences. There are plenty of resources for teachers of any programming comfort level to start using micro:bits in their classrooms.  I am so excited for my students of all ages to play and learn with micro:bits using this book!
Kristin Burrus, Innovation Program Manager at the Global Center for Digital Innovation
The Invent to Learn Guide to the micro:bit is a wonderful way to start using coding with intermediate and middle grade students. The colorful illustrations, creative ideas, and step-by-step instructions are sure to engage kids in hands-on learning experiences that build a foundation of coding skills beyond the limitations of an all-digital environment. I love the “phygital” approach to computational thinking that physical computing devices provide, and this book is a start-up guide appropriate for any class. 
Becky Keene, Microsoft Education Fellow and author
“Pauline came to our South African community and shared wonderful and imaginative micro:bit projects with our primary and secondary students. This book offers the opportunity for young people around the world to experience this joy as they master programming and technology with the micro:bit.”
Phuti Ragophala, “Techno Grannie” – Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow
“I met Pauline Maas at the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels where she showed me the micro:bit. I was impressed with how she was able to share an application for each of the board’s functions. Her wealth of knowledge is on display in the projects featured in this book, an essential resource for those who want to experiment with computational thinking and programming.”
Francisco Javier Masero Suárez. Secondary Education Teacher, Code Week Ambassador in Spain
“This is a  well-written, tested, and thorough book that I can’t wait to add to my library!  Thank you Pauline for putting in the time and working with all of your student engineers and beta testers. This work is part of your ongoing community collaboration—you are an integral part of the micro:bit community making materials to keep students learning, building, and creating!”
Melissa Wrenchey, Educator and Librarian, Tesla STEM High School, Washington
“I recently read Pauline Maas’s book about the micro:bit, and I was thoroughly impressed. Maas’s writing is clear and concise, making it easy to follow along, even for someone with little experience in computer programming. The book’s step-by-step guides and examples of projects are sure to inspire and spark new ideas. Maas also includes valuable tips and tricks for troubleshooting common problems. Overall, I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to learn more about the micro:bit and unleash their creativity with this amazing device.”
Ramon Moorlag, Teacher computer science, Chair Dutch CS teacher association, CodeWeek Netherlands co-lead
Hundreds of Romanian and Moldovan K-12 teachers from our #TechsoupForEducation community discovered directly from Pauline Maas’s live presentations inovative and creative micro:bit activities to do in the classroom and they were thrilled! Thanks to her, the pupils of these teachers will see how easy, fun and useful technology can be. Pupils will also be challenged to be technology products developers, not only just technology users. This book will be a great resource for everyone who wants to discover how easy it is to implement micro:bit STEAM activities for a wide range of ages.
Ana Stamatescu, Digital Education Designer, Asociația Techsoup Romania
Thoughtfully scaffolded and bursting with creativity, The Invent to Learn Guide to micro:bit is the guide to whimsical fun for which we have been waiting! Open-ended enough to encourage further exploration, you will feel confident and supported through each step of myriad projects. Whether you are new to the micro:bit or a seasoned programmer, your toolkit should include this wonderful guide!
Josh Burker, Educator and author of The Invent to Learn Guide to Fun and The Invent to Learn Guide to More Fun