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Warm Ups

Start with a Heart
Full project code

Name Badge
Full project code

Make an Animation
Full project code

Lucky Number
Full project code

Your First Game
Full project code

What’s the Temperature?
Full project code

Shake it Up
Full project code

Getting Started

Unicorn Greeting Card
Full project code

Jingle Bells
Music making code
Jingle Bells code

Turkey Trot
Full project code

Fruit Piano
Full project code

Hack Your Game
Full project code
Radio Communication
Radio test
What’s the difference?
Random radio

Distance Detector
Full project code

It’s Alive!

The Bionic Doll
Full project code

Monster Box
Monster Box
Precision programming
Extremely precise programming

Fortune Teller
Fortune teller micro:bit v1 code
Fortune teller micro:bit v2 code

Space Game
Space game alien code
Zap the alien code

Doctor Shaky
Doctor Shaky basic code
Doctor Shaky – a better game

A Spooky Game in Scratch
Scratch 1 code
Scratch 2 code

Let’s Get Physical!

Simple Halloween code
Remote control code

micro:bit Art Machine
Full project code

Smart Toothbrush
Full project code

Extending MakeCode with Your Own Functions
Functions in action
Gym class

Nightlight project code
Nightlight extra code
Nightlight clap off code
Nightlight clap on/off code

Race Car Game Controller in Scratch
Scratch car driving project and code
Scratch skiing game and code


Wearable Computing
Wearable computing code

Talking Micro:bit in Python
text to speech & pitch code (zipped text files)

Remote Control Car
Remote control code
micro:bit motor X code
micro:bit motor Y code
Programming NeoPixels
Neopixel button code
Do the twist code
Neopixel random and specific code
Refrigerator Data
Simple data logger code
Refrigerator – the sending micro:bit
Refrigerator – the receiving micro:bit
Refrigerator XL transmitter code
Refrigerator XL receiver code

Bottle Rocket
Full project code