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Project Guide


Project nameCS conceptsSoftwareExternal elementsLearn to..
Start with a Hearton start, show iconMakeCodepair & download
Name Badgebuttons, show text, show numbersMakeCodestrings, numbers, build code stacks
Make an Animationrepeat, pause, LEDsMakeCodeanimate images
Lucky Numbershake sensor, randomMakeCodeinsert operators into a block
Your First Gameplot LEDs, game blocks (game over)MakeCodecontrol the 5×5 LED matrix
What’s the Temperature?forever, temperature sensorMakeCode
Shake it Upshake sensor valuesMakeCode
micro:bit Tipsattach a battery, download code, update firmware
What’s New V2V2 capabilities and V2-only blocksunderstand the differences between the V1 and V2 micro:bit

Getting Started

Project nameCS conceptsSoftwareExternal elementsLearn to..
Unicorn Greeting Carddigital write pinMakeCodeLEDcontrol a component attached to the micro:bit, duplicate
Jingle Bellsmusic blocksMakeCodespeaker or headphonescompose & play music
Turkey Trotservo write pinMakeCodepositional (180-degree) servocontrol a servo attached to the micro:bit
Fruit Pianoon pin pressed, tiltMakeCodefruit & other conductive objectsconnect circuits to pins to trigger events
Hack Your Gamesend & receive radio, unplot x,yMakeCodesecond micro:bituse basic radio functions
Radio Communicationsall radio blocksMakeCodesecond micro:bitunderstand & experiment with radio functionality
Distance Detectorradio signal strength, if/thenMakeCodesecond micro:bit, piezo speaker/buzzeruse logic blocks, using a piezo speaker/buzzer
Saving and Sharing Your CodeMakeCodesave & open code files, share to cloud

It’s Alive!

Project nameCS conceptsSoftwareExternal elementsLearn to..
The Bionic Dollevery blockMakeCodemultiple LEDscontrol LED patterns
Monster Boxset servo angle, plot bar graph, mapMakeCodepositional (180-degree) servocontrol a servo using sensor values, add extensions, map data ranges
Fortune Tellervariables, if/else, random logic, on soundMakeCodecreate and use a variable, use sound sensor (V2 only)
Space Gamevariables, if, game blocks (score, sprite)MakeCodearcade-style buttonscreate and use multiple variables, use game blocks for sprite control and scorekeeping
Doctor Shakydigital write pin, game blocks (lives, score, game over), play melodyMakeCodeLEDs, piezo speaker/buzzeruse game blocks for scorekeeping, sounds, and lives, code comments
A Spooky Game in Scratchbuttons, tiltScratchinstall & use Scratch on the micro:bit, control onscreen sprites with the micro:bit

Let’s Get Physical

Project nameCS conceptsSoftwareExternal buildLearn to..
Halloweendigital write pin, scrolling images, radioMakeCodeholiday light string, second micro:bitanimate with large images, control an external light string, make a remote control
Art Machinewhile block, continuous servo, light levelMakeCodecontinuous (360-degree) servouse continuous servos, control a continuous servo with light
Smart Toothbrushgame blocks (score, countdown), resetMakeCodecreate a timed game, reset the micro:bit
Extend MakeCode with Your Own FunctionsfunctionsMakeCodemake, define, and experiment with functions
Nightlightlogic, functions, digital write pins, sound sensor (V2 only)MakeCodeLEDsuse sensor values in logical expressions, use a function to simplify code
Race Car Game Controller in Scratchsprite control blocks, tilt, Scratch functionsScratchuse the micro:bit as a Scratch game controller


Project nameCS conceptsSoftwareExternal buildLearn to..
Wearable Computingdigital write to pinsMakeCodesewable LEDs, conductive threadcontrol wearable circuitry
Talking micro:bit in Pythonimport, display, speech, whileMicroPythonpowered speakeruse microPython text to speech functionality
Remote Control Carcontinuous servos, radio, logic, tilt sensor blocksMakeCodetwo additional micro:bits, continuous servos
Programming NeoPixelsNeoPixel blocksMakeCodeNeoPixelslearn to control a variety of NeoPixel strips, learn to make your own RGB color pixels
Refrigerator DataV2 – data logger blocks, radioMakeCodesecond micro:bit V2log and display data, log data from a remote micro:bit
Bottle Rocketvariables, logic, free fall, running timeMakeCodeprogram a timer triggered by sensor data

Material Gallery

Many of the projects in the book use cardboard and other simple materials. Each project has a recommended material list. There is no soldering necessary.

Electronic Material

USB cables
Battery pack
Alligator clips and cables
LED lights
Christmas light strands
ADA fruit LED sequins
Conductive thread
Rechargeable batteries
Game buttons
micro:bit add-on board
Servo motors (180 & 360)
Additional cables and connectors


Sharp pins
Wire stripper
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Cutting knife
Box cutter
Hand saw

Craft Material

A variety of paper
Pencils, pens, markers
Felt & cloth
Tape & glue
Snaps & buttons
Ping pong balls, googly eyes, decor items
Wooden sticks & dowels
Dolls, toys, stuffed animals
String, yarn, thread
Cups, drink lids, straws

Electronic Material

Headphones & earphones
USB powered speakers with a head jack
Old computer speaker
Piezo (small speaker)
Battery powered speakers with a head jack